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The super-regional shopping centre, which recently announced plans for a major redevelopment, today announced its first ever Kids Lab Day. The program, organized by WTTW Kids and Lab Guys, encourages children ages 2 to 7 to discover their own creativity through amazement, watching and learning. Children learn to make their own 3D art boxes with shoeboxes and diagrams while listening to a story in Barbara's bookstore. You can take some spring flowers home and get a first taste of spring in the form of a spring flower garden.

The 45-minute performance combines an incredible bubble filled with visuals with an interactive format that engages the audience from start to finish, with a variety of interactive activities for children and adults.

The Kids Club has moved from the Hawthorn Mall and other Centennial properties to a new, more engaging event that offers all kinds of stimulating and interactive experiences. The kids club on the mall is called Saplings and most of their events and activities are free at the Hawthorns Mall. Parents can register by visiting the Sapling carriage on the lower level of the Centre Court or by joining in with other activities for children in the shopping centre, such as the children's playground. Summer activities start on May 24 and families must be members of the Saplings Kids Club to participate. All activities take place at noon and parents can participate for free on Saturday May 27 from 10 a.m. to noon.

The above information is intended to provide information on the type of work to be performed in this role and the level of experience required to perform the work. Please note that this job description is not intended to contain any information about the activities, duties, responsibilities or qualifications required of the employee in the job for which he or she is required. The job descriptions are not intended to contain or interpret the duties / responsibilities / qualifications required of the employees assigned to the jobs. Apply now for a job as a part-time or full-time employee at Vernon Hills Mall in Vernon Hill.

Candidates must be able to submit all documents received, prioritize work and move boxes efficiently into and out of the work area. There must have been detailed procedures to distinguish between similar issues and to resolve problems or problems before they were resolved.

Use and apply the Open Door Policy for the implementation of business processes and practices and for the application and implementation of corresponding action plans. Ensure that the products are selected and staged according to the company's policies and procedures. Follow the company's steel standards and guidelines, follow the procedures for forklift tracking, implement safety precautions, report and correct unsafe situations to management, and follow the procedures for handling and disposing of hazardous materials. Fill in Club Pick-Up Orders to help with staging and collection on the day they are collected.

Stay up to date - and change equipment and equipment and incorporate product knowledge into customer recommendations. This summer, Hawthorn Mall has planned an entertaining and informative Saplings Kids program for you and your children. At the children's event "Sapling Kids," children will experience a puppet show by the carnival dancers in the Barbara bookstore.

To learn more, visit the Hawthorn Mall website at, follow the center on Facebook and Instagram and visit the event on June 15 for details. The event will also feature live music, food trucks, live entertainment and a live performance by the Clifford Park Band. For more information on the Saplings Kids program and other events, please see the details below under the event "15 June." Visit the Hawthorns Mall for travel information and information about the upcoming Sapling Kids event at Clifford Park and Ride, as well as other activities.

The former townhouse was then handed over to the Vernon Hills Park District for use as a community center. The building was expanded to 52 square meters and inaugurated in August 2002 in honor of the citizens of Vernon Hillers. In January 2003, the Park District of Vernal Hills expanded its operations to the Larry Laschen Community Center. It is currently inactive and all objects from the past, such as photos and memorabilia, can be sent back and forth between the village and the Historical Association.

The new townhouse is 35,000 square feet and is located on a lower level currently shared by the Vernon Hills Historical Association, the Park District of Vernal Hills and the village of Vernon Hillers. When completed, it will be the second largest townhouse in Illinois, behind Chicago City Hall.

The Vernon Hills Police Department became a unit of fifteen full-time officers in 1978 and is now a state-of-the-art building completed in March 1992. The Vernon Police Department, which is the only certified department in Lake County, is currently supported by 70 people - two men and two women.

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